Celebrating the World Compliment Day

At LuxConnect, we seek feedback from our clients in order to improve our services. We recently received one from our long-time partner LU-CIX, both for the fiber and for the data center infrastructure.

“LU-CIX is Luxembourg’s Internet eXchange nod. As such, we interconnect, in 7 different data centers, national, regional and international Internet Service Providers to ensure our specific mission of offering the proper functioning and fluidity of national Internet traffic. We have to guarantee quality connectivity with latencies as low as possible.

To ensure this important mission, we absolutely need to be able to rely on trusted and high-quality fiber and data center infrastructures.

With LuxConnect, we’ve found this partner capable of providing us with hosting services that meet our expectations, Tier IV with an uptime of around 100%, and a reliable national fiber network without cuts. In addition, their teams are professional, flexible and attentive.

In summary, with LuxConnect, we know that we have a quality and trusted partner.”, Claude Demuth, CEO of LU-CIX GIE.

This testimonial highlights our core values: reliability, security and innovation. Our promise to every client is to ensure that they can always rely on our secure infrastructures for 100% availability of their data and connection.