Clarence is the result of a partnership between LuxConnect and Proximus. We are a joint venture born out of the determination to create a disconnected sovereign cloud, designed to meet companies’ need to retain control over the integrity of their data and access to it, but also, from an operational point of view, to ensure that their operations are realized on our soil and subject only to European jurisdictions.

At Clarence, our values are grounded in transparency and trust. We are committed to offer users the most advanced Cloud functionalities through our Google Distributed Cloud solution while protecting their data and complying with strict confidentiality regulations.

Our two founding companies bring complementary expertise to this unique collaboration. LuxConnect, a key player in the Data Center sector, brings its expertise in highly secure hosting (Uptime Institute certified Tier II and Tier IV) and state-of-the-art technology. Proximus – telindus Luxembourg, a support PFS and leader in convergent ICT and telecom services in Luxembourg, has solid experience in delivering managed services, in full compliance with the strictest EU regulations.

Our main mission is to offer you a sovereign, disconnected cloud solution at the cutting edge of innovation – based on Google Cloud technology – while guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of your most sensitive information, giving you control over your data and offering you total autonomy over your operations. Our Google Distributed Cloud solution is a disconnected cloud designed for customer with highly critical data who want access to hyperscaler services with the advantages of sovereignty. Google Distributed Cloud comes with an air-gapped option, coupled with a partner-operated model, supports public sector and regulated industries to meet the strictest sovereignty regulations, including ensuring data residency, control of operational staffing, and limiting impacts of jurisdictional challenges.

Welcome to the world of Clarence, where operational and data sovereignty are our top priorities.

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