LuxConnect’s unique concept of “Data Center infrastructure as a service” translates into a highly reliable and flexible service offering. Backed by 14,700 m² of rack space in our four state-of-the art Data Centers, we provide high-end facilities to empower your Data Center business.


While LuxConnect Data Centers are Tier IV certified by the Uptime Institute, flexibility and pricing remain our priority to our clients. Since “less” is sometimes “more”, we tailor our services to our customers’ needs. In concrete terms, you pay for a Tier II service and benefit from a Tier IV environment by Tier IV trained people. A service fit to last, where you always get the best value for your investment.

Multi-Tier Data Centers for disaster recovery site

For security and redundancy purposes, LuxConnect’s operations are spread over 2 geographically distant campuses:

Both campuses are interconnected with our own dark fibers via multiple and redundant fiber routes, and manageable by LuxConnect staff remotely.

Security and access

The physical security of all our Data Centers is guaranteed through:


Together with the customer, LuxConnect’s network engineers define the architecture of the cabling between the racks as well as the fiber and copper cabling between the cage and the Meet-Me-Rooms.


At the end of the project implementation phase, a handover takes place and the full redundant power availability of the cage is tested. Complete as-built documentation is provided to the customer.


In a specific project, two providers worked hand in hand under LuxConnect’s supervision to provide a fully redundant connection between an existing Data Center and the new cage in Bissen.
The connectivity included two fully separated paths and equipment for encrypted fiber channel and encrypted ethernet at speeds of up to 100 Gbit/s.

Even a new building needed to be connected in a redundant way to both Data Centers.
This part included the organisation of civil works at the new building in order to connect it to the infrastructure. During the whole project, existing phone lines and Internet connections had to be migrated.

We provided our clients with the expertise in our areas of project management, civil works and telecommunications to fulfil their requirements. As per our customer’s request, there was only one single point of contact for all these operations: LuxConnect.

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