LuxProvide S.A.

Under the governance of the Ministry of State and the Ministry of the Economy, LuxProvide S.A., as a 100% subsidiary of LuxConnect, is in charge of the acquisition, launch and operation of MeluXina. Headquartered in Bissen, the mission of LuxProvide is to facilitate access to the use of the computational capabilities of MeluXina by setting up a structure that provides support dedicated to companies in their high-performance computing projects.

The supercomputer is installed in LuxConnect’s Data Center DC2 in Bissen, which is powered by green energy from Kiowatt, the cogeneration plant powered by waste wood. The computing power of MeluXina will be 18 petaflops, corresponding to 18,000,000,000,000,000 computational operations per second.

The modular architecture of MeluXina will focus on the needs of its users, including companies and players in the Luxembourg economy, and more specifically SMEs and start-ups.

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