Power management

On top of the existing building management system, LuxConnect has installed, in each of its Data Centers, a separate and redundant power management system, which provides continuous monitoring and recording of energy conversion and distribution.

The network monitoring system permits a permanent monitoring of the electrical characteristics of the power generation systems such as transformers, emergency power supply systems, UPS systems as well as the distribution and the energy flow from the low voltage main distribution board and UPS to the customers.

The energy management software can realize a detailed analysis of the power quality, harmonics, waveforms, tensions and currents, energy consumption, PUE, power factor and power failures. Localization of the sources of transients, harmonics, voltage dips (whether external or internal) are displayed on customized views based on real-time information.

So any default in efficiency and/or quality of electrical power can be traced down to the single rack and immediately acted upon.