• Data center LuxConnect, where data feels at home

    Data center

    • Multi-tenant and multi-tier carrier hotel (Tier II - Tier III - Tier IV)
    • 14.700 m² server space on 2 locations in Luxembourg
    • 1 hour flight to major European capitals
  • dark fiber

    Dark Fiber

    • 100% of Luxembourg data centers redundantly connected
    • 12 country breakouts
    • 100% carrier neutral
  • sustainable energy

    Sustainable development

    • Low cost green energy with CO2 neutral footprint
    • Cooling capacity fuelled with recycled wood waste steam
    • PUE from 1,2 to 1,5

Multi-Tier Data Center in Luxembourg

LuxConnect is a multi-tier and multi-tenant data center facility and dark fiber provider. We enable digital business. Thus we are quite serious about offering the very best in terms of infrastructures to boost your own efficiency.



Customer satisfaction is the main driver of our business. Our state-of-the-art facilities are synonymous to ultra-high service availability. Our team of experienced professionals provides its multi-disciplinary capabilities and expertise to the success of your projects.


With us, there is no small project. Whether you target Tier II or IV, low, medium or high density, a rack, cage or room – let’s sit together and give your project the optimal layout & design. And with our “pay-as-you-grow” model, cost control is all in your hands.


Sustainability is one of our core values. All of our Data Centers are designed and operated to maximise energy efficiency while limiting – thanks to our reliance on green energy – our environmental impact.

Our services

Dedicated rooms & cages

Our dedicated rooms and cages are custom fit, in line with your requirements. Room sizes range from 216 m² (2325 ft²), 240 m² (2583 ft²) or 324 m² (3467 ft²), cage sizes are modular, starting at 36 m². You further can chose a low, medium or high density in a Tier II or IV environment.

Shared server cages

Our shared server cages will perfectly accommodate your racks, within a fully fault tolerant Tier IV environment – the perfect choice for your smaller projects from 1 to… more than 1 racks.


A proprietary dark fiber backbone is essential to our meshing the country with ultra-high speed connectivity. Whether you are a telco or a data center customer, with Luxembourg-centric or international ambitions – we are at the doorstep of every renowned national or international carrier.

Office space

Office space at each of our locations can host virtually anything, from your start-up’s first HQ to your NOC. Proximity to your servers guaranteed!

Value-added services

A wide range of value added services, including remote hands & eyes, managed services, hosting and cloud solutions, custom designed security solutions, etc. are operated through a network of reliable independent partners.


Welcome to the best of Europe in one single location.

Through its strategic location at the heart of the EU’s largest consumer markets of the Benelux, Germany, France and the UK and its open economy, Luxembourg offers you the opportunities of a virtually borderless market place with the benefits of an efficiently run country.

Allow us to VIP you.

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Tel.: +352 276168 1 Fax: +352 276168 99 E-mail: info@luxconnect.lu
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