SUSTAINABILITY – It's time to be green

LuxConnect is the first and one of only a tiny number of Data Center operators who offer truly carbon-neutral facilities to their customers, and it’s up at the cutting edge when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility.

As Data Centers are huge energy consumers, LuxConnect’s engineers are very concerned about the impact on the environment and are constantly on the lookout for new technologies to make the best use of energy. Green and sustainable are not just words, but the very concept on which LuxConnect’s Data Centers are built and operated.

Because concrete actions are stronger than words …

Free cooling

Free cooling is used exclusively when outside temperatures drop below 8° C. When they rise above 8° C, LuxConnect Data Centers revert to hybrid cooling towers. This technology does not require any additional supply of cooling water for temperatures ranging from 12° C to 27° C, resulting in a low ecological impact.

Uninterrupted power supply

The Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and the transformer infrastructure have been carefully designed and optimised to support variable loads and capacities at the lowest possible energy consumption levels, without impacting Data Center operations.

Lighting savings

Light is probably among the most useful but least efficient form of energy. The more often you switch it off, the better it is. LuxConnect’s engineers and technicians have worked on this simple maxim. Reducing lighting and its associated costs by 30 to 50% of usual operation.

Relying on «low-to-no-footprint» green electricity

Extending an innovative energy concept beyond the fence line of our Data Centers, LuxConnect’s infrastructures are powered exclusively by green energy from hydroelectric dams in Norway, based on terms which allow us and our clients to keep an iron hand on cost.


The European Code of Conduct on Data Center Energy Efficiency is a voluntary initiative managed by the European Commission’s in-house science service, the JRC (Joint Research Centre).

The Code of Conduct was created in response to increasing energy consumption in Data Centers. The goal is to inform and stimulate Data Center operators to reduce energy consumption in a cost-effective manner without impacting the critical function of Data Centers. Data Centers measure their energy efficiency in Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). The average PUE of LuxConnect’s Tier-IV-certified Data Centers is 1.3. In May 2017, LuxConnect was granted the title of Corporate Participant for its Data Center DC1.3 located in Bettembourg. At the beginning of August, LuxConnect successfully completed the Code of Conduct for the Data Center DC2 located in Bissen. Since the start of the programme in 2008, 315 Data Centers have been approved as participants.

All the participants have the obligation to monitor energy consumption continuously and adopt energy management in order to look for continuous improvement in energy efficiency. In addition, LuxConnect promotes the Code of Conduct to its customers and has also been recognised as an endorser.

Vincent Weynandt, CTO, said: “It’s quite natural for LuxConnect to support this programme, as we put great emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility, especially for operations, by which I mean energy efficiency measures, sourcing from renewable resources, waste management, and so on.

Sustainable and secure measures for your data

A building with green siding and a sign "Kiowatt" in capital letters can be seen.


The sky is dark blue and some lightning can be seen. The EMC construction protects against this.

EMC as security

Power management systems for data centers are on display. These have a white front with yellow markings and black switches.

Power management

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