EMC as security

Analysing and reducing the risk of lightning

Many risks influence the high availability of IT services and building infrastructure in Data Centers where outages or malfunctions can have a dramatic impact. The latter include interference from electromagnetic effects, such as direct or nearby lightning effects, radio systems outside or within the building, harmonics in power distribution systems, switching impulses and magnetic fields in power distribution etc.

Some risks can be controlled by redundancy, while others must be minimised by means of conceptual guidelines. Nowadays damage to persons, images or property far exceeds actual material damage.

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Because they build and operate sensitive systems, LuxConnect’s experts are fully aware of any risks resulting from electromagnetic interference and so they have put all the requisite protective measures in place. They have commissioned GHMT AG as an experienced consultant and expert in the Data Center market for conceptual design and quality assurance during the planning and realisation of the cross-trade implementation of EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) protection measures.

Protective measures

The engineering of individual protective measures starts early on, with the building layout and planning of the building’s technical equipment. Taking advantage of an early, skilled design, the individual protective measures against such interferences complement one another. This results in technical and economic advantages in terms of realisation and future operation. The sooner EMC protection measures are incorporated in the planning stage, the lower the cost of implementation.

During the different project phases from planning to realisation, the Data Centers have been backed up comprehensively from an EMC perspective and the following measures have been fully implemented:

LuxConnect’s experience has shown that EMC protection measures are effective even in extensive facilities with stringent availability and precision requirements, and essential for high-availability operation.