LuxConnect's Mission

In providing Data Centers, Dark Fiber and ancillary services, LuxConnect relies on its proprietary infrastructure as the most state-of-the-art, flexible and creative facility provider and business enabler in the Luxembourg ICT market.

In search of the sparkle that will carry your project from the simple idea to reality, you will be able to rely on LuxConnect‘s unique team of recognised professionals. LuxConnect has intelligently combined its roles as an enabler, hosting newly arrived foreign ICT companies in Luxembourg, and as a fosterer, strengthening the local ICT ecosystem. Mastering the Data Centers and Dark Fiber through direct ownership enables us to respond to virtually any customer need or request – and the only limits are the physical ones!

Together with its partners, LuxConnect provides end-to-end ICT solutions. LuxConnect strives constantly to develop new solutions and hosts MeluXina, the national HPC (high-performance computer) supercomputer.

Host your data with a high level of security in the heart of Europe and connect in a fast and reliable way to your customers throughout Europe.

Key parameters


Host your data in high-level secured infrastructures in the heart of Europe and connect in a fast and reliable way to your customers throughout Europe.


Customer satisfaction is the main driver of LuxConnect’s business. State-of-the-art facilities are synonymous with ultra-high service availability. A team of experienced professionals provide multi-disciplinary capabilities and expertise to ensure the success of your projects.


With LuxConnect, all projects are important: whether you’re going for Tier II or Tier IV, for low, medium or high density, or for a rack, cage or room – let’s sit down together and give your project the optimum layout and design. And with LuxConnect’s business model, you have full cost control.


Sustainability is one of LuxConnect’s core values. The four Data Centers are designed and operated to maximise energy efficiency while limiting environmental impact – thanks to our reliance on green energy.


LuxConnect’s client-centric model offers end-to-end IT services to its customers. Our highest-quality-level infrastructure and our most talented experts are at your service.

We host newly arrived foreign ICT companies in Luxembourg and foster the local ICT network. Transparency and non-discrimination are the cornerstones of our B2B model. Benefit from our collaboration and participation in the Luxembourg ICT ecosystem to foster long-term quality relationships and thus speed up your business development.

LuxConnect, a socially responsible company