Visit of M. Peter Maurer, Chairman of the International Committee of the Red Cross

On the margin of his visit to Luxembourg, early June 2022, we had the great honour to welcome the chairman of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Peter Maurer, in our data center facility in Bissen (L). The Swiss diplomat who has been serving as President of the ICRC since 2012 stayed in Luxembourg for three days and met with Grand Duke Henry and representatives of the government to discuss current geopolitical challenges and of course the consequences of the war in Ukraine on the work of humanitarian organisations.

During his visit in Bissen we had the opportunity to exchange with Peter Maurer also on the future of international organisations such as the Red Cross when comes to issues like cybersecurity and data management. The ICRC is interested in a cooperation with Luxembourg in this area and Mr. Maurer showed great interest and enthusiasm for the quality of our data center infrastructure and the level of security we offer to our customers. ”LuxConnect has an experience for over 15 years as multi-tier Data center provider relying 100% on green energy, being fully redundant and uptime certified. If organisations similar to the ICRC are looking for a place to host their data, we would certainly be able and prepared to fulfil the requirements  – but even more we would be honoured to be a partner of such a significant stakeholder in the area of humanitarian aid” Paul Konsbruck, CEO of LuxConnect stressed out during the visit of Mr. Maurer.