The 3 Pillars of Modern Physical Data Center Security

Combining the right tools, processes, and people, is key to addressing today’s and tomorrow’s Data Center security challenges. Unsurprisingly, Data Centers are the epicentre of the struggle around data management and protection.

Home to mission-critical infrastructure and vital information that powers everything from online banking and gaming to autonomous vehicles and connected medical devices, Data Center operators are going to great lengths to protect that information from unauthorized access and use. While much of their efforts are rightfully aimed at digital intrusion prevention as cyberattacks become more frequent and sophisticated, Data Centers also need to align their on-site technologies, policies correctly, and human resources to protect against rare but potentially catastrophic physical security breaches as well.

Physical Data Center security has gone higher-tech. Staffed perimeter security and swiping badges from a lanyard in an access-controlled vestibule have been augmented through an arsenal of next-generation security tools and old standbys that can transform a Data Center into a veritable Fort Knox.