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Creating a special purpose joint-venture with Luxenergie, Luxembourg’s premier operator of co-generation, heat and cold production infrastructures, we on the one hand shared and secured the investment for the utilities generation in our data centers, while, on the other, we doubled the brains working on optimisation of our technology and processes with a view to ever higher energy efficiency.
The “doubled brains” now operate our redundant power management system, continuously monitoring and recording energy conversion levels and distribution. The slightest abnormality in power efficiency or quality is flagged, logged and traceable to the single affected rack and allows for immediate action. But again, it’s is not technology, it's men who make the difference.

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A living example of our efficiency

DC 2 at Bissen constitutes a major step-up in our “Low-to-No-Footprint” energy sourcing policy. The integrated energy concept at the Bissen site relies on recycled wood [from forests, furniture, industry, etc.] fueling a co-generation plant. All forms of energy produced by the co-gen' – electricity, heat, steam - enter the LuxConnect production process, reducing Luxembourg's total CO2 emissions by an estimated 27,000 metric tons/year.


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