Minister Delegate for Ministry of State’s Department of Media, Connectivity and Digital Policy visiting LuxConnect ICT Campus Bissen

On Friday March 1st, Minister Elisabeth Margue visited our green, state-of-the-art LuxConnect infrastructure in Bissen. In a short introductory session, CEO Paul Konsbruck outlined the company’s key parameters and mission, as well as its growing infrastructure and service offering. Indeed, our subsidiaries LuxProvide and Clarence, are emerging as key players in the supply of AI-based solutions. It was an excellent opportunity to discuss future cooperation between the Ministry of State’s Department of Media, Connectivity and Digital Policy and LuxConnect to encourage and strengthen the local ICT ecosystem.

Following the presentation, the Minister toured the entire Data Center, stopping off at the Meluxina supercomputer. Arnaud Lambert, CEO of LuxProvide, explained the company’s mission: to offer a unique platform that combines data science and supercomputer resources, enabling them to increase the return on investment (ROI) of the most ambitious innovation projects.

What’s more, the Minister discovered that our Data Center in Bissen is a unique Green Data Center, powered exclusively by green energy in terms of electricity cooling. LuxConnect uses the heat produced by a cogeneration plant that burns wood waste – heat that is usually released into the atmosphere – to generate electricity. This integrated energy concept is a milestone in LuxConnect’s energy supply policy, reducing CO2 emissions by around 27,000 tons a year.