In line with its CSR policy, LuxConnect aims to be a healthy and pleasant work environment. In this context, a panel of actions are conducted. To promote continuous professional development, training programs are organized. Thus, to facilitate the integration of cross-border workers, free Luxembourgish classes are given over lunchtime twice a week.

In addition, extras such as a pool car, a weekly fruit crate, a babyfoot, convivial team-building activities or Saint-Nicolas Fairtrade bags, etc. contribute to a good atmosphere and the well-being of employees. If, by chance, you were working in Bettembourg’s offices, you could, from time to time, see Roger Lampach, CEO of LuxConnect, pick up a rebel ball rolling in the hall…

This desire to participate in a healthy and sustainable environment is also reflected in actions with external ends to the company. In particular, it was decided to invest in crowd farming. In Spain, for example, LuxConnect invested in an orange tree whose annual harvest of 80 kg of organic oranges is distributed to the staff. Don’t be surprised if you do not receive a paper greeting card at the end of the year because the company has chosen to donate to an association. If you visit the campus of Bettembourg someday, you will discover insect hotels decorated by children of the Commune as well as areas of late mowing to contribute to bees’ nesting. At LuxConnect, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is authentically understood. Here, we believe in the power of local and human actions.