Digitalization of finance and administration at LuxConnect

Over the past few years, LuxConnect has migrated to a new accounting system. Since early 2023, the addition of a complementary module has enabled the finance team to digitalize supplier invoices and pre-process them in the accounting system.

Since August 2023, LuxConnect has notified its suppliers that the company will no longer accept paper invoices. Since that date, invoices must be sent digitally to In this way, they can be downloaded directly into a new program, which ocerates them and retrieves administrative details such as invoice number, date or amount.

When a member of staff makes a purchase, he or she must first encode the estimate in the accounting platform for approval. When the corresponding invoice is received, the member of staff responsible for the purchase must validate it using an electronic signature authenticated by LuxTrust. If there are any changes to be noted in relation to the estimate, staff members can indicate these in the form of comments on the PDF, to facilitate inter-departmental communication. Once the invoice has been approved, the accounting department must encode it. Comments can then be added to the invoice to facilitate follow-up. Thanks to this new method, the accounting department no longer needs to print out approved invoices.

Above all, this method enables us to have a single procedure for processing incoming invoices. This saves considerable time, as well as having an ecological impact through reduced printing, both internally and for our customers. What’s more, on a human level, it offers greater flexibility by enabling employees to access and process invoices remotely. Finally, the digitalization of this process offers a digital archiving solution for invoices validated on the new accounting system and facilitates the transmission of payments for control by management.

The next step could be to approve invoices directly via the program without going through an email exchange, but this project is still under feasibility study.