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Data center infrastructure as a service

LuxConnect’s unique concept of “data center infrastructure as a service” translates into a highly reliable and flexible service offering, particularly for IT integrators and telcos. Backed by 14,700 m² of rack space in our four state-of-the art data centers, we provide high-end facilities to empower your data center business. It is best of engineering & technology combined with next generation environmental solutions.

The multi-tier experience

While our data centers are of the highest design in terms of reliability [Uptime Tier IV], we maintain flexibility and pricing adequacy as our mantras. Since “less” sometimes is “more”, we tailor our services to our customers’ needs: you pay for a Tier II or III service which is performed in a Tier IV environment by Tier IV trained people. A service fit to last, where you always get the best value for your money.


  • Multi-tier: Tier II, III & IV
  • Sourcing of 100% renewable energy
  • EMC safety concept

Security & Access

  • Fire and very early smoke detection
  • Neutral gas (nitrogen) fire suppression system
  • Water leakage detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • 24/7/365 on site security guards with controlled access


  • Carrier neutral
  • International & national telecom operators
  • Internet exchanges hosted at LuxConnect: NL-ix & LU-CIX

State-of-the-art data centers based on green energy

Regardless of the brick and mortar aspect of our data centers, they constitute above all a secure, eco-friendly service environment where racks and servers feel at home.

Since the launch of our first data center in June 2009, we have continuously improved the ecological footprint of our operations: recycling and co-generation are the drivers of our green energy policy.

On the “recycling” side, server heat loss heats our office buildings, while recycled biomass is used to fuel the co-generation plant of our energy partner.

Hot steam from that process not only produces electricity but is also the “raw material” helping servers within our data centers to keep a cool brain.

Adding a little exoticism to our energy mix, we source hydroelectricity from Norway.

While some may consider this as a challenge, to us, committing to a Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) that ranges from 1.5 to 1.2 is a matter of obvious choice and of social responsibility.

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Márton Fülöp, COO

Docler Holding

We wanted control, flexibility, and accessibility. LuxConnect granted all our wishes. This gives us the feeling to have our own infrastructure. With 35 millions of visitors on our website worldwide and 1500 servers, we needed reliability and access to multiple providers. More than a supplier, LuxConnect has become a strategic [...]

Enter the European Playground

In each of LuxConnect data centers, you have access to Europe’s alternative Internet Exchange : LU-CIX, the youngest, fastest growing European exchange, where the content, big data and value-added services world reaches out to your projects.

Yes, we are proud of our certifications, but …

Being Uptime certified and obtaining top customer audit rankings never made us look like the fat cat that got the canary.

An Uptime Tier IV certification means that all our customers must benefit from a design and operational environment, skills, mindset and dedication of our staff which are Tier IV branded, even where the delivered service level qualifies the customer as Tier I, II or III only. Imagine you are having dinner in the brasserie of a Michelin-graded restaurant – the food comes out of the same “starred” kitchen, while the bill is … brasserie!

Likewise, client audits are not a grain of sand in a well-oiled machine, they are an integral part of our ongoing customer dialogue and we welcome them as outstanding means to benchmark our procedures, service levels and routines.

Again, ALL our customers continuously benefit from that learning curve.


LuxConnect provides certified carrier hotels for your racks and servers to feel at home. What sets us apart is that our data centers are not only multi-tenant but also multi-tier: Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV.


Physical security of all our data centers is guaranteed 24/7/365 through:

  • a peripheral fence with sensors;
  • an access control system;
  • an operated and monitored camera surveillance system;
  • on site security guards with controlled access

In your private space, you can install your own supplementary security devices.Our facilities are equipped with 2N redundant cooling. Cooling inside rooms is installed according to your needs (air or water cooling). A reduced PUE is applied to customers using closed cabinets (hot & cold air aisle containment).

Server room temperature is managed according to ASHRAE TC9.9 Class A1 recommended that means temperatures of 18 – 27 °C.

Our buildings have independent and redundant connections to the power grid and are equipped with 2 x (N+1) UPS systems. Diesel generators (gensets) have an autonomy of 48hrs at full IT load with 24/365 refuel contracts. We take great care of maximum energy efficiency. PUE of LuxConnect data centers ranges from 1,2 (Tier II in DC 1.3) to 1,5 (Tier IV in DC 1.1.).

All Tier IV offerings benefit from a 99.999% SLAs.

Maintenance of electrical and HVAC equipment is exclusively carried out by trained experts from our daughter company DataCenterEnergie S.A. (DCE). DCE is a joint-venture between LuxConnect and LuxEnergie, acts as specialist in energy contracting with recognised expertise in conventional cogeneration, as well as biomass, heating, cooling, emergency power, compressed air and steam.

Customer  rooms and cages feature lightning protection, free reused energy, power always on no matter what may hazard occur, outstanding ventilation and last but not least very low energy price. No more hesitation? Feel free to get in touch.

DC 1.1
  • LuxConnect TIER 4 DC 1.3

Street Address 4, rue A.Graham Bell, L-3235 Bettembourg

Gross Size / Net Size 10.000 m² / 3.100 m²

Power available 2 x 6,3 MVA

Cooling specifications Water input 10°C; output 15°C

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DC 1.2

Street Address 4, rue A.Graham Bell, L-3235 Bettembourg

Gross Size / Net Size 4.500 m² / 1.300 m²

Power available 2 x 6,3 MVA

Cooling specifications Water input 10°C; output 15°C

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DC 1.3
  • LuxConnect TIER 2 DC 1.3
  • LuxConnect TIER 4 DC 1.3
  • Luxconnect data center TIER 2 DC 1.3
  • Luxconnect data center TIER 4 DC 1.3

Street Address 4, rue A.Graham Bell, L-3235 Bettembourg

Gross Size / Net Size 23.500 m² / 5.500 m²

Power available 2 x 10,0 MVA

Cooling specifications Water input 15°C; output 21°C

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DC 2
  • LuxConnect TIER 2 DC 1.3
  • LuxConnect TIER 4 DC 1.3

Street Address Z.A.C Klengbousbierg, L-7795 Bissen / Roost

Gross Size / Net Size 21.000 m² / 4.800 m²

Power available 2 x 12,6 MVA

Cooling specifications Water input 12°C; output 18°C

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