DC1.1 and DC1.2 have renewed the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency

LuxConnect has renewed its European Code of Conduct “Participant” label for its DC1.1 and DC 1.2. Recertifications for DC1.3 and DC2 are still on going.

The European Code of Conduct was created by the European Commission’s JRC in response to the increasing energy consumption in Data Centers. As a “Participant”, the aim is to reduce energy consumption in a cost-effective way without impacting the critical function of Data Centers.

LuxConnect is continuously measuring the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of its Data Centers and takes steps to reduce it to a minimum. Our Data Centers usually have a contractual PUE of around 1.3.

This year, one of the new audited points is the increase of cold water temperature and thus the room temperature. LuxConnect most recent action was to raise the temperature of the server rooms to 27 degrees, from February 1st. 

LuxConnect was also recognized as an endorser, as we took responsibility for motivating our customers to reduce their energy consumption. This can be done by installing a cold aisle containment around their racks to reduce the cooling needs and by choosing energy-efficient IT equipment.

Next step: renewing the certification for DC1.3 and DC2 in a few weeks.