CIS Bettembourg visiting LuxConnect’s Data Centers

Earlier this month, LuxConnect welcomed the “Centre d’Incendie et de Secours de Bettembourg” to its Bettembourg site. The CGDIS regularly visits our Data Centers in Bissen and Bettembourg, in order to get an overview of the site in the event of an intervention. The benefit of these visits is dual: on the one hand, the emergency services have a better view of the issues at stake and the procedure applied in the event of an incident, but it’s also an opportunity for the fire department to check evacuation plans and identify any points for improvement that we could put in place.

A total of 15 professional and volunteer firefighters from the Bettembourg Fire and Rescue Center were welcomed in our facilities. They were guided by our Site Manager, who gave them a tour of the Bettembourg site’s Data Centers and their critical installations. This approach enables us to better control risks in the event of fire, and to ensure better responsiveness in the event of an emergency.

This year’s visit proved particularly useful, as the CIS Bettembourg team includes many young firefighters, for whom the exercise was of particular interest. It enabled them to familiarize themselves with technical fire protection installations.

At the end of the tour, LuxConnect organized an informal chat where everyone could ask questions about the general operation of a Data Center. A great way to end the evening!