Shared server cages

Shared server cages

Shared server cages

For one to 5 racks, shared cages are the optimal solution. Our shared cages are in a fully fault tolerant Tier IV environment.

Access to shared cages is granted through our access control system. All racks provided by LuxConnect are lockable to keep your servers safe.

Shared cages FEATURES:

  • Raised floor: 1 m / 3,28 ft (Bettembourg); 1,2 m / 3,94 ft (Bissen)
  • IT room height: 3,8 m / 12,47 ft
  • Floor load: 1500 kg/m² (140 kg/ft²) to 2000 kg/m² (185 kg/ft²)
  • Power and cooling: Up to 6 kW/rack, more on special request
  • Fire and very early smoke detection
  • Neutral gas (nitrogen) fire suppression system
  • Water leakage detection
  • 24/7/365 access control system


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