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About Tree Top S.A. / Treetop PSF S.à.r.l / ArianeSoft S.A.

Creation of the company : 1988
Number of employees in Luxembourg : 40

Because all technologies evolve very fastly, because products are multiplying and diversifying more and more, because all markets are competitive and each company must firstly focus on its market and energize its own business while knowing that it has the IT tools and solutions best suited to its business, structure and requirements.

In order to satisfy its customers and based on its experience acquired on the Luxembourg market since 1988 that Tree Top offers an offer ranging from the definition of the customer’s needs and objectives to the start-up of the IT solution adapted in terms of flexibility, availability and security.

Tree Top as well as Treetop PSF and ArianeSoft stand out for their ability to offer, implement and integrate solutions tailored to the specific needs of their customers.

Services and solutions

  • Cloud : Yes
  • Security : Yes
  • Hosting : Yes
  • Housing : Yes
  • DRP : Yes
  • Office space : Yes
  • Internet Access : Yes
  • Computers & Services Manufacturer : Yes
  • IT Cabling & IT Management : Yes
  • Outsourcing : Yes
  • PSF / CSSF Certification : Yes
  • Tailored software : Yes


Corinne Serra
+352 49 46 71

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