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Creation of the company : 1992

C2D System House team provide high level technical expertise in Xen clusters open-source solutions and High Availability Storage. In addition, we have also a long expertise in VDI infrastructure.

For your security, our system engineers will setup and assume the maintenance of your firewall and two factors authentication systems

Our solutions based on Open-source software can be available on premise customer site or in Tier IV Data Centers.

Based on our infrastructure, we also provide WebTVLive streaming services, a high performance and low latency OTT video streaming service thru our multi-tiers internet connectivity.

Services and solutions

  • Cloud: Based on open-source
  • Security: Distributed and centralised
  • Hosting: Tier IV
  • Housing: VPS and VDI
  • DRP: On premise and in our Data Center


Stany Wyrzykowski
Managing Director
+352 20 20 26 75

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LuxConnect S.A.
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